True Financial Planning

Be Strategic with Your Money

Make sense of it, grow it, protect it and live the life you want.

You Have Questions About Your Money and Your Future.

We’re Here To Answer Them.
  • Why do I have “tax qualified” and “non-tax qualified” buckets of money?
  • How much money do I need to accumulate to be able to retire at 55, 60 or 65?
  • How do I best utilize these assets now?
  • How do I use them down the road?
  • How will my situation hold up in the face of potential life changes?
  • Does consolidating my assets give me scaled purchasing power and other advantages?
  • What’s the best way to transfer some of this wealth to others?

You have plans. You have a life you want to live. You have the assets you think will get you there…but that also means you have questions. You have problems that need to be solved.

We’re here to solve them.

At Sentinus, we understand that you want your questions answered. We work to understand your goals, get your assets in order, protect and nurture them, and help them grow. We help you elevate your dreams and make them a reality.

You want to know how you can live the life you’ve earned. We can get you there. That’s True Financial Planning.

It Starts By Getting To Know You

You’re not a number. That seems obvious, but at too many financial firms, it isn’t. You are a box to check, a customer to buy products, an asset to manage.

Not at Sentinus. Our advisors are committed to you — your hopes, your goals, your complications, and your resolutions. We’re resolved to understand your full financial picture so we can offer advice and help you plan for next week, next month, and the next generation. We’re independent and unbiased. Our success comes from helping you succeed. We don’t see you as a number…we see you.

What Are Your Assets? —- What Are Your Goals? —– How Do We Bring Them Together?

See Who We Serve and How We Serve You

Advisors Dedicated To Making Your Dollars Make Sense

Why do advisors work for Sentinus? Because they want to use their talents and acumen to work for you. They want to give personal service to clients. They want to help you achieve your dreams and realize what you’ve worked for.

Why? Because this is a rewarding profession. If they do an exceptional job for you, they will be fairly compensated and their own families will realize a better financial future. This is alignment in its truest sense.

You are unique. You deserve a creative, dedicated advisor who hates the idea of the bare minimum. We want to make sense of your money so you can make it do what you want.

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Our Services

You know where you want to go. Our services help get you there. 

Estate and Philanthropic Planning

Build a legacy while minimizing tax risk. Build what matters to you.

Investment Management

Plan first. Build a mindful portfolio. Be nimble and responsive. Enjoy.

Insurance Consulting

Resolve conflicts, solve tax issues, and manage insurance over time.

Business Succession

Chart the future of what you’ve built on your own terms.

Corporate Retirement

Protect your company. Empower your employees. Enjoy your future.

Be Strategic With Your Money.

What does it mean to be strategic with your money? It means having a plan to understand it, protect it, and watch it grow.

You’ve accumulated it. We’ll make sense of it, and make a plan.

Smart, creative investments that help you strategically reach your goals and live your life

You’ve worked too hard not to protect what you’ve earned for you and your legacy.

Start your True Financial Planning. Start Planning Your Future.

It’s time to make sense of your money with advisors you can depend on. Get in touch with us today.

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