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It’s Your Money. Let’s Take Care Of It.

Sentinus is a high touch, independent financial advisory firm focused on service and creative thinking. It’s a firm focused on you…really. No joke. It’s not just a slogan.

Why are we focused on you? Well, number one because we are good people who pride ourselves on doing the right thing for our clients. And number two…if we organize, grow and protect your money like it were our own, then we’re compensated fairly.

We believe in wins for everyone.

What do we do? We help our clients with their money.

How? By focusing on what’s most important.

You’ve accumulated it. We’ll make sense of it, and make a solid, custom plan.

A four-pronged approach to navigate an increasingly complex market.

You’ve worked too hard not to protect what you’ve earned for you, your family, and your legacy.

How Does It Start? By Making Sense of Your Money.

Money adds up linearly. The complexities of this wealth multiply exponentially. Understanding all your assets means you can match them to your goals.

When do you want to retire? How much will you need for your lifestyle? What can you do to support your family? How do you build your legacy?

Our process starts by understanding what your money is, and what your goals are. From there we can start to plan.

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Our Services

Everything you need to have the financal stability and independence you want.

Estate Planning

Protect and grow what you’ve built for generations to come.

Investment Management

Plan first. Build a mindful portfolio. Be nimble and responsive. Enjoy. 

Insurance Consulting

Resolve conflicts, solve tax issues, and manage insurance over time.

Business Succession

Chart the future of what you’ve built on your own terms.

Philanthropic Planning

Build a legacy while minimizing tax risk. Build what matters to you.

Corporate Retirement

Protect your company. Empower your employees. Enjoy your future.

The benefits of working with an independent fiduciary

There are a lot of firms that can glance over your balance sheet and put your money into a product. You might get a return. They’ll get a cut. The institution will get their share. That’s how it works, right?

We believe there’s a better way.

Working with a true independent fiduciary like Sentinus means you get advice built entirely for you.

There are no in-house products to push or public shareholders to please. There’s only what can work best to organize, protect, and grow your money—so you can achieve everything you want.

Our independence works for you. It’s how we help you live your best financial life.

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Independent, but supported

Independent advice is ideal, especially when backed and supported by national, institutional level independent custodians, asset managers and valued resource partners. It’s how you minimize risk. It’s how your money is protected.

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Chicago and Florida Wealth Management Firm For The Whole Country

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that you don’t need to be near to be close. We’re a wealth management firm based in Chicago and Florida delivering custom, personalized, and empathetic service to clients across their country.

It doesn’t matter where you are.
It only matters where you want to go.

Ready to make sense of your money?

Just make a call to start the conversation and evaluation of what you need and want. Let us help you plan the next stage of your life.

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