Risk Management and Asset Protection Consulting

Protect Your Money

Manage Risk. Manage Your Assets. Determine Your Own Future

Protect What Matters Most To Your Life

You’ve worked hard for your money. You have plans for what you’ve earned. You’ve worked too hard to let the unexpected catch you flat-footed. We can’t plan for everything that happens in life, but at Sentinus, we can prepare you for any situation.

Don’t outlive your money. Let your money help you live your full life. That’s the promise of asset protection solutions.

Your asset planning can be hit hard by changed circumstances, and if you don’t have a plan in place, you or your loved ones can be left holding the bag. These changes include:

  • Unexpected Death or Disablement
  • Long-Term Care Need For Yourself or Loved Ones
  • Higher Taxes (both Income and Estate Taxes)
  • Market Crashes
  • Inflation

Conscientious Advisors Who Help You Prepare for The Unexpected

Your life doesn’t fit on a spreadsheet, and the future can’t be calculated. Our advisors understand that. We see our clients as people with goals, plans, and with a real life: as messy, chaotic, and unplanned as that can be. And by getting to know you, we can help you get to the future you deserve.

We make sure that you have what you need to live the life you want and to pass to your family what they deserve. The only way to handle the unexpected is to be prepared for anything. We do what it takes to make that happen.

Our Connected Asset Protection Solutions

How do we protect your assets? By helping you manage every aspect of your financial life.

Investment Management

Plan first. Build a portfolio. Be nimble and responsive. Enjoy.

Insurance Consulting

Resolve conflicts, solve tax issues, and manage insurance over time.

Business Succession

Chart the future of what you’ve built on your own terms.

Estate and Philanthropic Planning

Build a legacy while minimizing tax risk. Build what matters to you.

Risk Management Consulting in Illinois, Florida and Beyond

No matter where you live, you face threats to what you have earned. But there’s a way to protect them. From our central offices in Chicago and Florida, we’re helping Americans grow, manage, and protect their wealth. We’re built for everyone.

Life Changes Happen. It’s how you prepare and respond to them that matters.

Some life changes are fantastic. Unfortunately others can fundamentally impact you, your family and your assets. Premature death, a debilitating disability, an extended long term care need or a crippling estate tax bill have all derailed countless financial lives. Whether one is self insured against these risks or insured via our open architecture network, being prepared and being protected is paramount.

Protect More. It’s How To Live a Fuller Financial Life.

Protecting your money is just one part of our three-part strategy to maximize the rest of your life.

You’ve accumulated it. We’ll make sense of it, and make a plan.

Smart investments that help you reach your goals and live your life

Ready to Protect What Matters?

People count on you to protect your assets. You can count on us to be your steward.

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