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Independent Insurance Consulting

Customized, open architecture insurance solutions to manage risk and increase stability

Employ Customized Insurance Consulting To Protect You and Your Family

Insurance is a financial tool. How you use it makes all the difference.

Insurance is often one of life’s necessary evils. But not everyone knows how to use it as a valuable tool. It’s very possible you have multiple insurance coverages from different agents and companies. Many times these policies are out of date or have conflicting tax, beneficiary and ownership considerations. By understanding your full insurance exposure, you can put it to work for you in the most effective way possible.

You might need to transfer your risks to stay with one company. It might make more sense to self-insure. But no matter what, insurance properly applied in a customized and creative manner can provide exceptional benefit.

Insurance Consultants Dedicated to Protecting Your Money

Insurance protects you against risk…it shouldn’t be another financial risk. Our advisors make sure that insurance becomes an asset, and not a liability.

We get to know you. We understand where your exposures are, analyze them, identify conflicts, and keep you compliant with all regulations.

We’re built for you. We’re built to deliver the independent customized insurance solutions that give you more security and less risk.

How Our Customized Insurance Solutions are Built

It starts with a conversation. It leads toward better risk management.

  1. Analyze Your Risks
  2. Review Your Current Policies
  3. Apply Our proprietary Open Architecture Approach

Protect Everything That Matters

Our customized insurance solutions are just part of how we protect what matters most to you.

Investment Management

Plan first. Build a portfolio. Be nimble and responsive. Enjoy.

Business Succession

Chart the future of what you’ve built on your own terms.

Estate and Philanthropic Planning

Build a legacy while minimizing tax risk. Build what matters to you.

Custom Insurance Consultants in Chicago, Florida, and Everywhere

We create customized, personalized insurance solutions for clients across the country. From our central headquarters in Chicago and Florida we connect, analyze, and deliver. Our advisors are here to protect your money so you can live your best life.

Protect More. It’s How To Live a Fuller Financial Life

Insurance solutions are just one part of our three-part strategy to maximize the rest of your life.

You’ve accumulated it. We’ll make sense of it, and make a plan.

Smart investments that help you reach your goals and live your life

You’ve worked too hard not to protect what you’ve earned for you, your family, and your legacy.

Customize Your Insurance to Protect Your Assets

Insurance should protect you. We minimize risk so you can maximize rewards.

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