About Sentinus

A Growing Firm With Deep Roots

A History of Adaption, Innovation, and Partnership

In 2012, Sentinus was formed based off the legacy of Reynolds Financial Group (“RFG”) and its commitment to clients first. As an independent firm, Sentinus’ founders saw a great opportunity to provide its clients with a more streamlined, effective client experience with greater hands-on management and service.

RFG was founded by WWII veteran Richard A. Reynolds in 1946 and was a progressive wealth management firm with a focus on customer service. Richard’s son Scott Reynolds carried the firm forward to the eventual successful creation of Sentinus, LLC in 2012.

What We Value

It’s simple: you should know what your money is doing, and why. You should know what your advisor is saying, and why. You should know that they have your best interest in heart — because it is in their best interest, yes. But also because that’s why they are working at Sentinus.

We’re built by people who got fed up at huge firms where client service meant checking boxes and advice meant pushing proprietary products. We’re here because we believe that the best things come from mutually beneficial partnerships based on independence.

As an independent company, Sentinus is more nimble and better able to effectively serve our clients’ needs, providing financial protection while continuing to add growth.

Independence. Security. Trust. It’s why we want to work for you.

How We Serve You

Our spirit of service is driven by a few pretty simple things.

What We Believe In

  • Informed and prudent fiscal management
  • Long term planning
  • Risk mitigation
  • Creativity
  • Clarity and Transparency

Our Principles

  • Service first
  • Relentless passion
  • Active collaboration
  • Strategic Thought and Inspiration
  • Industry leadership

What Comes Next? Adaptation and Innovation

As Sentinus continues to grow, we will continue to respect and support the entrepreneurial spirit. While the last decade has seen two historic economic downturns, we’ve adapted our practices to meet these new challenges. We also take advantage of state of the art technologies and new advances within the industry to give our clients every possible advantage while collaborating with the client’s legal and tax professionals.

Ready to make sense of your money?

Just make a call to start the conversation and evaluation of what you need and want. Let us help you plan the next stage of your life.

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