Investment Analysis and Management

Financial planning solutions to make your money work efficiently and sustainably

Plan. Understand Risk. Build Something That Works.

If the last 20 years have taught us anything, it’s the importance of being nimble in your investments. You need to be able to be responsive to market volatility in order to minimize risk and keep your money growing.

Our team of advisors works with you to plan a full investment analysis and management consulting strategy that’s based on what you need to protect yourself and make your money grow.

Investment Management Consulting Rooted in Independence

How do you protect yourself? By having investments that actually work for you. It sounds simple, but that’s not always the case.

Too often, you’re just a number on a piece of paper, pushed into a product that makes some shareholder happy.

That’s not the case here. Our advisors are independent, and succeed only when you succeed. No shareholders. No products. No distant banks dictating what we do. Only a plan that’s built for you. Only a plan that’s built for your life.

How Our Investment Management Solutions Work

What does this plan look like? It’s simple (and too rare)

  1. Get an in-depth understanding of your entire financial situation
  2. Apply our our proprietary Discretionary Wealth Analysis
  3. Assess appropriate risk while achieving your goals
  4. Apply the most recent academically supported, mathematically-based methodologies
  5. Develop an optimal asset allocation
  6. Maximize opportunity for returns within each risk level
  7. Build a nimble, responsive, portfolio

Corporate Retirement: The Other Part of Growing Your Money

If you own a company, you’re responsible for your employees’ future. Here’s how to protect yourself and your employees while promoting continual growth.

See The Other Ways to Support Growth

Growing your money is just one part of our three-part strategy to maximize the rest of your life. See the methods and services that augment and protect your growth.

You’ve accumulated it. We’ll make sense of it, and make a plan.

A four-pronged approach to navigate an increasingly complex market.

You’ve worked too hard not to protect what you’ve earned for you and your legacy.

Investment Management in Chicago, Florida, and Across the Country

It doesn’t matter where you are. Our investment management solutions are designed specifically for your needs, by an advisor who is always a phone call or email away.

We know that you don’t have be in the same room to be connected. You get personalized, customized investment management consulting that’s committed to your growth.

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