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We’re Looking for Advisors Who Want To Do Things Strategically

Some firms have outdated systems. Some firms have a set of products they have to sell to a client. Some firms require certain boxes be checked, even if the client’s situation doesn’t fit in a box.

That’s not you. And that’s not how we do things at Sentinus.

As an independent firm, we have advisors who pride themselves on finding the best solutions for their clients and thinking strategically.

Want to be part of a team that values initiative and creativity? Want to help people and make money doing it? Then let’s start a conversation.

Meet Our Team

What Does it Mean to Work At Sentinus?

We’re a high tough financial advisory firm focused on service and creative thinking. We want to focus on our clients…truly.

Why do we focus on our clients so much? Because it’s good for them and good for us. We grow and protect their money and get compensated for it. By focusing intently on our clients, they succeed and we succeed in our own life.

It makes sense. It’s good business.

How do we do this?

You don’t have 1,000 clients you’re running through. You can focus.

You’re independent, but work with a team that has your back.

Try something new. Teach us. We want you to grow as an advisor

An Established Company That Feels New

Our history is long, but our ideas are new. Sentinus was founded in 2012, and based off the legacy of Reynolds Financial Group, founded in 1946. Our bones are in customer service.

We believe in streamlined, effective client experience with greater hands-on management and service.

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We’re hiring more than advisors. Our support staff is fully part of our team, helping us help folks make sense of their money. We’re invested in your career and your life, and want you to be a valuable member of what we’re building.

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