Investment and Asset Analysis

Organize Your Money

True Financial Planning To Give You Clarity, Calm, and a Clear Path Forward

What Does It Mean To Have True Financial Planning?

For years, you’ve had assets collecting and growing in a multitude of accounts. Different brokers, different agents, different corporate plans, different banks. You may not have visibility into everything your money is doing. That’s a problem. That’s a risk. It doesn’t have to be.

We can get your money organized so you have full visibility and transparency, minimizing risk and maximizing its usefulness. Investment and asset analysis gives you the information you need to have peace of mind. Here’s how it works.

Uncover Where Your Money Is At

When you’re successful, your money has a lot of different homes.

  • Benefits plans at different companies
  • An alphabet of acronyms (IRA’s, SEPs, ESOPs, NQSO’s etc.)
  • Brokerage accounts across institutions
  • 401(k)s scattered across old employers
  • Cash in checking and money market accounts

We’ll find it. We’ll understand it. We’ll lay it all out for you.

Consolidate Where We Can

Is it possible to bring any accounts together? Can we get retirement plans in one place? Is there money in different accounts that could earn more interest together or at least not cancel each other out? How can we lower any tax risks?

If possible, we’ll consolidate. Doing so makes your money easier to manage, and makes it work better.

Clarity For a Clear Path

Once we have that clarity, we can establish a plan forward. We can help to design paths to invest better, shelter better, and grow more. We can figure out the best ways to protect your money.

Your assets can be a maze. We’ll make them a straight line. We’ll clear a path for something better.

Sleep Well

Don’t spend every night worrying about where your money is. Spend every day enjoying what you’ve earned.

Advisors Dedicated To Organizing Your Life

It takes a certain kind of advisor to help you organize your money. They have to be detectives, analysts, and really good listeners. They have to want to solve problems. They have to be committed to helping you make sense of your money so you can make the most of it.

That’s what we have at Sentinus: a team of talented people from a multitude of disciplines who truly value service. Our success depends on your success. Our satisfaction depends on helping you be happier.

Comprehensive Wealth Management Firm in Illinois, Florida and Beyond

No matter where you are, you can have access to a partner committed to your financial growth. From our offices in Chicago and Florida, we help clients across the country grow, manage, and protect their wealth. We’re an investment firm in Chicago that’s here for our clients…wherever they are.

Organization. The Beginning of Financial Health

Protecting your money is just one part of our three-part strategy to maximize the rest of your life.

You’ve worked too hard not to protect what you’ve earned for you and your legacy.

Smart investments that help you reach your goals and live your life

Ready to make sense of your money?

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